Here are some of the best African countries for business investment


Africa is the top continent with the current largest growing economies. There are growing businesses from all sectors including industry, agriculture, infrastructure, technology, retail, education and trade. if you are thinking about investing in Africa, here is a list of the top countries ranking the best in investment opportunities.


Mauritius is among the top developing countries in Africa. it is a common tourist destination for travellers all over the world. It is popular for its political, social and economical stability. The area offers a favourable condition for investors to create and develop their businesses.  The law is flexible, the licences are simplified, taxations are low and there is ensured security of investments.


Although Rwanda has a low market maturity and level of infrastructure, it is an unbelievable opportunity to grow your business. The issue of some business certificates may take just two- three business days. Their public sector is efficient, with a goal to boost the development of the country. It has a low crime and corruption rate with a huge local demand for consumer products.


Kenya ranks as one of the best countries in Africa when it comes to business performance. The government and private sector have done their fair share in improving industrialisation in the country. The tax-paying process has been made easier through the development of an online service. Kenya has also improved the reliability of electricity, meaning more electricity reaches more people which is essentially a market for a business investment


This is another country with one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. in the past, Botswana has recorded success in mining diamond and precious metals. Currently, the government is investing its profits in all business sectors of their economy.  The import and export process is now faster. Botswana is a corruption free country

South Africa

The country may face issues with poverty and inequalities, but it thrives in the real estate and investor protection areas. The financial, communication, legal, power and energy, transport and legal markets of south Africa have noted a rise in the last couple of years. if you are looking to invest in the manufacturing, education and tourism sector, south Africa is the place to go.


Seychelles has some of the best climates and weather patterns in Africa.  It has the most spectacular beaches and exotic people, a combination that tourist around the world enjoy. Its government guarantees the safety and stability of investors and their businesses. its location makes the timeline overlap with those of major world financial centres.  it has excellent air and sea connections with Asia Europe USA and Africa.


The booming economy in Ghana will definitely lure you into making it one of your investment homes. It has one of the most stable democracies in the country. Telecommunication industries have improved the infrastructure of the country to create a quality and stable market for the product. The financial services in the country have improved majorly, you can use your ATM card to access your money even from a different service provider. Ghana’s real estate sector is rising, with an improvement in the oil and construction sectors.