Online business investments that will thrive in Africa


Technology has enabled business people to work from the comfort of their homes. Many people operate their businesses online because of the vast market of potential customers. You can turn your social media space into a multimillion company using only a computer.

Here are some online business strategies you can invest in

Selling online products

The online business market is thriving in Africa. With the new digital age, people can now get products through shopping online. Many prefer online shopping to physical shopping because it is more convenient and products are cheaper. People are busy with work or other commitments, especially those living in urban areas. Talk to experience online business people to know how they stated and how much you need for your business. Study the online market to get a clue of what people are interested in.  Online businesses do not need much capital. Usually, people start with a few products and increase the as the business grows.

Affiliate marketing

You can never fail with an online affiliate market strategy. It involves working with big companies by promoting their products online. Africa has so many growing businesses. For businesses to thrive, they need to advertise their products through digital marketing. Social media networks such as facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are good for advertising a product, especially when you have a large following.


If you own a business degree, or have vast knowledge about the business sector, you can use it to your advantage.  Although there are many business opportunities in Africa, some people lack the knowledge and skills on how to run a business. You can use your online platform to teach people the business basics. This business is easily marketable, has low risks and yields many returns. As your business grows, you can charge more for your courses and teach more clients simultaneously.

You can be a social media consultant

You don’t need me to tell you how marketable the social media platform is. In Africa, the digital age has brought people of different background s and cultures together.  Many companies or business people use the platform to market their products and themselves. It is a good advertisement strategy with many rewards. Most people are too busy to run their social media platforms so they hire people to maintain their accounts. Keeping your social media active is important to maintain your customers and gain new one. Working on such platforms will generate some income for you while giving you some exposure on how to run a business.

Online assistant jobs

People who work in corporate jobs are busy and have a hard time handling all their responsibilities. The current trend in corporate businesses is hiring virtual assistants. Basically, virtual assistants handle normal assistant jobs but they do so through phones and computers. The benefit about taking on a virtual assistant job is that you can do it as a side gig while you work on personal businesses.

Final word

Creating an online platform to offer these services is a good marketing opportunity for you and your future businesses. These are good ways to start a low cost business and build them into empires. Starting a business requires patience, commitment and sacrifice.