Top business opportunities in Africa in 2018


Development has slowed down in most parts of the world, expect in Africa. Africa has untapped business opportunities and a large market place for business ideas. The endless resources in Africa have the potential to create multi-million businesses in every sector. This has attracted a number of investors from inside and outside Africa.


Africa has the most potential in the agriculture industry. It has the largest uncultivated land in the world. You can grow almost every food crop due to the diverse climates and the variety of soil types.

Technology has changed the game in the agriculture sector of Africa. The labour aspect of agriculture is now easier, making it simple to cultivate and harvest large lands of field crops. Most African countries cultivate coffee, tea, cassava, sugarcane, maize, millet, sorghum, cotton, livestock, tobacco and beans, which are the most selling, cash crops around the word. If you have enough money, one way to invest in agriculture through buying large machinery, especially in lands with low technological advancements, and lending it to farmers for a fair price.


Retail is a fast growing market around the word, especially in Africa. There are many income generation sections when it comes to the retail business. There are multiple local and international Shops and supermarkets being developed across the continent.

You can venture in production, distribution and marketing of the products. Either way, you will grow your money if you invest in the retail business.

Smart phone and internet access

Africa is currently one of the top growing markets for mobile phones. A wave of change has come with the development in technology.  People want to change from first generation mobile phones to smart phones. The growing economies and improved income has made this technology device more affordable for most people. For people who cannot afford expensive brands, smart phone industries have created less expensive devices with almost similar features.

What is a smart phone without internet access?  Mobile tech giants are trying to improve the internet quality and access in Africa.  If you have the knowledge in internet technology, you can make moves to conquer the market.

Real estate

Real estate markets are emerging in almost every corner of Africa. The real estate market is Africa is a potential billion dollar market for investors.

The largest real estate attractions are rental apartments, office buildings, hotels, residential homes and shopping malls.  The best areas to develop this kind of real estate properties is around urban areas where people can afford to pay the high amounts

Startup funding

Across Africa, many lack the funding to invest in these different business ventures. The young entrepreneurs in Africa are coming up with major business ideas that have potential, but they lack the proper funding. It is nearly impossible for investors to ignore these brilliant ideas from the young generations. Start-up funding will definitely attract more investors and business minds to link up and create business opportunities with their amazing ideas.

Final word

Starting a new business may be easy for some and difficult for other. In this new African economies, people need to link up to make business ideas possible. With new ideas factors like employment, education and good medical conditions in the poverty-stricken parts of the continent will improve.